May. 10th, 2011

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Title:  The Stillness, Chapter 4- The Vanishing
Author:  Aerilex
Fandom:  Supernatural
Genre:  Gen, Friendship/Pre-slash
Rating:  PG
Characters:  Cas, mentions of Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Bal, Eve
Word Count:  ~1600
Disclaimer:  I still don't own any of them.
Warnings:  AU from 6x15
Summary:  Castiel is summoned.
A/N:  This took awhile because I was struggling with what I wanted to feature next, and then I was struggling with the emotional fallout of 6x20.  Blah.  So, sorry for the wait.  I'm not sure about posting this to the Dean/Cas comm, since Dean isn't directly involved...ah, well.  Enjoy!

Chapter Three 

"Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you." Zechariah 9:12 )

Chapter Five

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Title:  Never Gone
Author:  Aerilex
Fandom:  Supernatural
Genre/Pairing:  Pre-slash
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  ~1320
Disclaimer:  I’m not playing in my sand box, I’m just doodling with it.
Warnings:  Fix-it from 6x20
Summary:  From a prompt by hils in tiptoe39’s Post 6x20 Fix-It Commentfic Meme.  The prompt:  No matter what was said Cas can't bring himself to abandon Sam and Dean entirely. He keeps an eye on them and starts stealithy saving them without them knowing. Finally the boys catch a clue.
A/N:  Yeah, it sort of got away from me.

“Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.” –Isaiah 41:10 )


May. 10th, 2011 07:20 pm
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My brain seems to think it's cute to let itself run all night, like a computer that'll never go into SLEEP mode.  I feel like it's been years since I got a stinking decent night's sleep, and I'm going on like 50 hours without now.  Keeping that in mind, I've been working on adding a few things and working on Pianist!Cas, but if anyone has any suggestions or wants anything else let me know.  My brain needs to be occupied somehow.

<3s and :)s to all.


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